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Inpatient Rehab in North Carolina

Inpatient rehab in North Carolina offers help for people who are suffering with addictions to alcohol or drugs. Inpatient rehab programs require the addiction to remain on the premises during the treatment process, which may be a month or longer. Inpatient rehab is an evidence-based form of addiction therapy that can generate positive results by helping addicts manage their addiction to lead the sober lives they crave. If you are living with an addiction, inpatient rehab in North Carolina can provide the help you need to manage your substance addiction.


Inpatient Addiction Treatment Center

An individual suffering from an addiction to alcohol or drugs can benefit from inpatient rehab in North Carolina. Inpatient treatment services include medical detox, individual counseling, group counseling, and possibly even some alternative therapies like art therapy or restorative yoga. One of the main benefits of inpatient addiction treatment is that the addict only has to focus on their health and learning to manage their addiction. There are no distractions to derail their recovery process. 

During medical detox, patients are supervised throughout the process to ensure that no health complications arise. After the addict has been weaned of the alcohol or drugs in question, they can begin other aspects of their treatment that address the mental and behavioral dependencies associated with their addiction. During the entire treatment process, addicts have access to healthcare providers and can enjoy their recovery process in a clean and sober setting. 


Benefits of Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Addicts can benefit immensely from the inpatient setting because of the round-the-clock support they have access to during the initial phase of their recovery. Relapse is always a threat, but during the initial stages of treatment when patients tend to be at their most vulnerable, they have the support they need. In the outpatient treatment paradigm, patients have to face their triggers on their own. Their home may pose challenges and temptations that are not present within the inpatient treatment mode 


Who Should Attend Inpatient Rehab?

Choosing an addiction treatment is a personal decision, but it’s always helpful to rely on the recommendation of an addiction specialist. People who do not have support in their home setting should consider inpatient rehab in North Carolina. People who feel vulnerable and don’t believe they’re ready to say no to alcohol or drugs on their own are also ideal candidates for inpatient addiction treatment. 


Why Do Addiction Specialists Recommend Inpatient Treatment?

Studies have suggested that inpatient rehab is associated with a reduced rate of relapse. Relapse is especially high during the initial year of recovery. Inpatient treatment can provide a strong foundation for building a new life. Certainly, some patients who have undergone inpatient therapy do relapse, but this isn’t indicative of failure. It’s important to remember that relapse is often part of the recovery process; it simply means that more treatment is needed. Outpatient therapy, on the other hand, is necessarily less intensive than the inpatient model. It provides excellent support, but not at the same level that inpatient treatment can provide with its highly structured days and programs and its round-the-clock monitoring. In the early stages of recovery, some addicts are simply not yet ready to cope on their own, which means the risk of relapse is high. 

During inpatient rehab in North Carolina, addicts learn to manage their triggers, remain focused on abstinence, and learn how to eliminate unhealthy people and situations from their lives. This process is not easy, but inpatient treatment can help

Change Your Life

If you would like to manage your addiction, an inpatient rehab facility could help you change your life and end your cycle of addiction.