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Medical Detox in North Carolina

When it comes to overcoming addiction, many times the first step in the process is medical detox. Individuals seeking out treatment for substance abuse in North Carolina should make sure to find a program that will focus on both the physical and mental components of care and rehabilitation. Addicts can build up tolerance levels in their systems to drugs and alcohol, and this needs to be focused on before any sort of long term care can be viable. Medical Detox in North Carolina can help addicts through the process of withdrawal.

Substance Abuse Detox

Detox should be medically supervised if possible, especially if an addict has been abusing drugs or alcohol for a sustained period of time. Detoxing is the process of physically cleansing the body of toxins, and when it comes to substance abuse treatment, this can be either alcohol, prescription drugs, or street drugs. Depending on drug types used and the level of addiction, withdrawal symptoms from detox can be severe and should be monitored by professionals. Many times medications can be given to help with symptoms, and monitoring one’s health throughout the process will keep an addict on the road to recovery in a safe environment.

It can actually be dangerous for an individual that has become dependent on a substance to try to detox on their own. Withdrawal symptoms aren’t just unpleasant physical factors that an addict has to endure. Withdrawal symptoms can also include seizures, tremors, and other damaging physical reactions to withdrawal. This isn’t a process that an addict must endure on their own, and finding medical professionals that can help with this first stage of treatment might be necessary.

Common Withdrawal Symptoms

Depending on the level of addiction and type of substance involved, different addictions will have different withdrawal symptoms. Alcohol is a common substance that is abused in North Carolina, and once an individual is dependent on this, withdrawal symptoms can be severe. These can include tremors, hallucinations, and night sweats. Medical supervision is recommended, and an individual might be slowly weaned off alcohol rather than rapid detox treatment.

Heroin can cause an individual to feel like they have the flu when they are coming down off of this drug or going through the first stages of withdrawal. This can trick the body into thinking the only way that it will feel better is to use more heroin. Detox treatment for heroin can be intense, and needs to be monitored and medicated. Methadone might be prescribed as an alternate opiate in treatment to ease withdrawal symptoms and wean an addict off of heroin. 

Withdrawal symptoms will be intense at first, leaving an individual feeling spent and lethargic. Meth withdrawal can last for a long time, with cravings coming at an individual even when they are physically free of the drug in their system. Meth addicts should work to find inpatient treatment to keep their progress supervised throughout rehabilitation.

After Detox

Medical detox in North Carolina is just one component of drug rehab, and an individual will not be ready for aftercare after simply physically overcoming an addiction. The mental part of any addiction is so strong that this needs to be focused on in inpatient or outpatient treatment after detox has been completed. While successful detox can be celebrated, and a patient might feel great, this is only the first step in a successful long term addiction treatment process.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) reported on treatment admissions in 2009, and found that over 40% of admissions were for alcohol abuse, and another 20 percent were for heroin abuse. This shows how these two commonly used substances are abused, and will need the support of professionals to overcome. Detox and treatment might be needed for common addictions, and those ready to seek out help in North Carolina are not alone.

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